Thank you for your interest in the Our Rock Project.

By participating in this revolutionary Project Based Learning program you are giving your students an opportunity to explore their little corner of the world and share the stories about what life is like there with other students in classrooms around the world via our video library.

Learning Through Filmmaking

Documentary film is an all-encompassing art form that requires the production team to artistically combine the disciplines of film, photography, graphic arts, music and creative writing. Students will work in a team environment to accomplish their goal of producing an informative and entertaining documentary film.

The Our Rock Project provides your students with the opportunity to step out of the classroom and meet the experts and professionals in the STEM field that the children have chosen for their documentary. In addition to interviewing the scientists, technicians, engineers, professors, etc. as part of their film production, it is our hope that they will seize this opportunity to learn how these experts got to where they are. We believe that if a child has a focused goal early in their life, they are more likely to be successful in achieving it.

Our Rock Project student filmmakers will be required to write their own scripts, conduct interviews, record the voice-overs, produce their musical score and then edit and polish their films. They will also need to provide a written transcript of their film so we can translate and Close Caption each one. Throughout the process students will receive valuable information and help from our How-To videos, resources, and will be encouraged to explore the world of filmmaking on their own.

Help Us Build Our Library

The Our Rock Project is completely free to participant in. There are no subscriptions or fees for any of our resources and our video library is always free to visit and view the student films. It is important to note that the copyright ownership of the student films will always remain with the children who produced the film, their parents and the school — even when the films are uploaded to our library the copyright remains with the actual filmmakers: your students.

We have decided to open up our library to include films of all types. While we believe that your students will get a much richer learning experience from producing an interview driven documentary film, we also acknowledge that many classrooms currently produce short films in a variety of genres. So, we now welcome film submissions that are animations, narrative driven, stop-motion, Claymation and photo essays.

Teacher Media Resources

The Our Rock Project was designed as a student-driven educational exercise with you as their teacher taking on the role of filmmaking guide and fact checker. We encourage you to allow the student teams to choose their own STEAM topic, do their own research, find a local professional to interview and then write, shoot and edit their own 4-10 minute documentary film. To assist you, we have built a Resource Page where you will find all the tools necessary to help walk your students through the film production process.

Teacher Welcome Packet:
Film Production Workflow
Interview Release Form
Parent Letter
Parent Permission Form

“In combining STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education with the art of documentary filmmaking the Our Rock Project breaks new ground in the global education field. Not only does the project provide the students with an opportunity to independently research a STEM topic and produce their own short film, the children also are given the chance to meet with local scientists and professionals to interview them for the film production.”
— Chris Palmer
Distinguished Film Producer in Residence
Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking

Sharing with Students of the World

The Our Rock Project library provides the students with a platform to share their work with not only their peers, but with anyone who is interested in learning about their world. We encourage and help facilitate communication between classrooms from around the world where both teachers and students can expand upon what they’ve learned from watching the films.