Be A Part of History

Welcome to the Our Rock Project. We are happy that you and your classmates are interested in helping us build a global library comprised of short film stories that are conceived, written and produced by children just like you in classrooms around the world. We are excited to see and share the stories you have to tell.

You Choose Your Story

Throughout your years in school, you have always been told what to learn. This is your chance to choose what subject you want to research, what story you want to share and how you’d like to tell it. While we suggest you focus on STEM topics such as where you water comes from, what kind of food do you eat, what types of flora or fauna do you have there; you are free to choose any topic you are passionate about. Is there is social issue you care about? Then by all means you should tell that story. Our library is full of STEM films and has dozens of films that speak about bullying, body image, teen depression and suicide. In short, tell us the story you want to share with the world.

Guidelines & Copyright

We have a very simple set of rules for you to follow if you want to have your film hosted in our library. We require you to be factual, truthful and accurate in your depiction of your chosen topic. We also require you to abide by all copyright laws and regulations when it comes to using photos, video clips and music in the production of your film. To help you adhere to these stipulations we have produced a Guidelines Page and have also produced a How-To Video that speaks about Public Domain issues.