Your child is about to embark on an exciting journey of discovery.

STEAM Discipline Studies

Along the way your child will learn about their world through the lens of the STEAM disciplines (STEAM being the acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts and math). Through their research the children will learn about how each of these fields of study are integrated into the fabric of our everyday life.

Exercising Their Creative Muscle

During the process of creating their documentary your child will also learn how to work in a team environment to accomplish their goal of producing an informative and entertaining documentary film. Your child will be asked to draw upon their creative talents through writing the scripts, developing the graphics, and creating the musical score that underlies the narrative dialogue of the film.

Effective communication is a skill that is required in most every profession. A person’s success in their chosen field can be directly linked to their ability to present an idea or concept in an informative and creative manner. Your child will be asked to find a balance between critical and creative writing that both informs and entertains their audience. We hope that their participation in the Our Rock Project will benefit them in whatever career they choose to follow.


The Our Rock Project Process

With our help and under the guidance of their teacher or youth group supervisor, your child will be walked through the pre-production, production and post-production process. Our Resource Page will continually be updated with crowd sourced tips, techniques, and how to videos all in a effort to make this journey easier for the students and the teachers.

Ownership & Copyright

As the parent or guardian of a child participating in the Our Rock Project it is important for you to know that the short documentary film your child produces belongs to them. They, as the creator of the work, own all the copyrights to the documentary. The Our Rock Project does not own any of the rights to your child’s production. With your permission we will share your child’s film on our video archive, making the film accessible to classrooms around the world. With this accessibility we open the door for children in other countries to learn and grow through the films produced by their peers. The Our Rock Project’s ultimate goal is to create an archived educational tool that may be used by both teachers and parents in order to help students learn about the natural world, different cultures, and the people who inhabit it.


Start Learning Through Filmmaking Today!

We hope that as a parent or guardian you will see the potential in the Our Rock Project and how your child can learn and grow from their participation. It is our unwavering hope that students and parents alike will gain knowledge of the world around them through the eyes of our youth. We wish to facilitate a portal, which will be used to end the barriers of distance, to allow individuals to gain access to cultures across the globe. Through this knowledge we wish to expand understanding and acceptance of the cultures that make up our world; for understanding and acceptance is the foundation of building a peaceful planet for us all to share.