University Film School Internship Program

In our effort to reach out to 6th through 12th grade school children around the world, we are offering a small number of internships to university film school in return for their assistance in helping the school children produce short-form, 4-6 minutes STEAM documentaries.

Participation in the Our Rock Project may qualify as an internship depending upon your college or university. Please discuss this possibility with your professors and program advisor.

You must be enrolled in an accredited college or university. And you must be enrolled in an under-graduate or graduate film program at that institution.

Film students will act as producers, guiding the teacher and the children through the production process. The school children are responsible for choosing their topic, independently researching the subject, writing the script, conducting the interviews and editing their film.

  • Locate a local middle school, high school or youth group that would be interested in participating in the Our Rock Project but does not have the equipment or expertise necessary to help the children complete their documentary film production. We are currently only looking for children in the 6th through 12th grade at this time.
  •  The children will need b-roll clips and still photographs to complete their film production. While we would like the children to shoot these items themselves, you can certainly assist them with the process and even shoot some of the clips and shots yourself as well.
  • Your task is to guide the children and their teacher through the three phases of film production under the guidance of your professors an advisors at your College or University.
  • Once the children have completed the actual production phase of the process, you will be asked to instruct and guide them through the post-production process. This will include helping them edit their films, arranging a musical score and creating the graphics
  • You will be asked to help with locating local professionals such as professors, administrators, engineers, technicians, scientists and other experts for the children to meet and interview for their films.
  • As you have learned during your film school studies, feedback and polishing of the rough-cut drafts of films are an essential step in the film production process. You will be asked to work with the teachers or supervisors and the children as they present their rough cuts to the class or groups, offering constructive critique of the piece and assisting the children through the revision process.
  • Working with the teachers or supervisors, you will be asked to review the children’s scripts offering suggestions and feedback to them as they proceed through the revision process.
  • Once the children have completed the polishing steps, you will assist them with the uploading of their films to our library.
  • If the children decide to film an interview with an expert or professional, you be asked to assist them with the process and if needed utilize your University’s production equipment to complete the task.