The Our Rock Project is a free open-source STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education program for middle and high school children around the world. We are a 501c.3 non-profit organization focused on combining STEM education with the art of filmmaking in a project-based-learning model designed to allow students to explore their world and then use their creativity and artistry to produce short-form (4-6 min.) documentary films, which we will share with the world via our virtual video library.

The students are asked to choose a STEAM topic that is of interest to them personally. Once they have chosen a topic for their film, they will begin the research phase of the process where they have the opportunity to reach out to local professionals (Scientists, Professors, Administrators, Engineers or other experts) to learn from and possibly use as an interview source for their film production. The students will then write their own scripts, record the voice-overs, produce their musical score and then edit and polish their films.

The Our Rock Mission

Our mission is to promote and facilitate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) education in middle and high school classrooms worldwide and then to connect those classrooms to facilitate social and cultural global exchange through our video library.

Explore Your World

The Our Rock Project archive provides the children with a platform to share their work with not only their peers, but with anyone who is interested in learning about their world. There is no fee to participate and no fee to browse the archive. Educators in geography, cultural studies, history and science classrooms can utilize the Our Rock Project’s archive as a teaching tool for their students. We encourage and help facilitate communication among classrooms around the world so that both teachers and children can expand upon what they’ve learned from watching the student films.