Thank you for your interest in the Our Rock Project.

By participating in this revolutionary Project Based Learning program you are giving your students an opportunity to explore their little corner of the world and share the stories about what life is like there with other students in classrooms around the world via our video library.

Help Us Build Our Library

The Our Rock Preject is completely free to participant in. There are no subscriptions or fees for any of our resources and our video library is always free to visit and View the student films, it is important to note that the copyright ownership ofthe student films will always remain With the children who produced the film, their parents and the school. Even when the films are uploaded to our library the copyright remains with the actual filmmakers 7 your students.

Teacher Media Resources

The Our Rock Project was designed as a student driven educational exercise with you as their teacher taking on the role of filmmaking guide and fact checker. We encourage you to allow the student teams to choose their own STEAM topic, do their own research, find a local professional to interview and then write, shoot and edit their own 4-10 minute documentary film. To assist you, we have built a Resource Page where you will find all the tools necessary to help walk your students through the film production process.

Easy To Sign Up, Easy To Use

Enrolling in the Our Rock Project is quick and easy. You can watch a how-to Sign-In video here which will walk you through the process. All we need is some basic information about you and your school or organization. Once we’ve verified your application, we will email you an approval letter and a welcome package which contains a copy of our guidelines, a parent send home introduction letter, a personal release form for interview subjects and other documents designed to make yourjob easier.

Teacher Tools & Assets

We know that a semester-long or year-long project can be a daunting undertaking and that teachers are all too often over worked. In addition to the Resource Page we built for you and your students which contains lesson plans, how-to videos and links to royalty free video clips and photographs, we have built a teacher platform where you can organize your student teams, get your parental permissions completed electronically, receive and comment on team assignment submissions, track each team’s progress and finally upload the completed films and transcripts to our library. We have produced a short video which will walk you through setting up and using your platform — Using the Teacher Platform.

Interns & Teacher Aides

We know that some ofyou might still free a bit uneasy undertaking the role of filmmaking guide for your class so we have designed a college film school internship program for you. We offer paid college internships to undergraduate and graduate film students in return for their help in guiding you and your class through the filmmaking process. If you would like to explore enlisting the help of an intern, please contact us and we will do everything we can to make it happen. As we are a 501 .c.3 non—profit we have limited funds available and have to go on a first come first serve basis.