How To Videos

Teachers and students will have full access to our extensive library of how to videos and tutorials. In these videos, we cover every aspect of the filmmaking process, from conceptualizing the movie’s theme, creating a script and voice over track, conducting interviews, proper camera positioning, film editing, creating a musical score and much more.

Software & Tools

All students participating in the Our Rock Project will have full access to an ever growing library of software and tools to help bring their filmmaking to the next level. Most of the software and tools in our library will be provided free of charge, while some will be available at highly discounted rates. The Our Rock Project does not profit or gain in any way from the sale of the software packages.

Filmmaking & Production Guidelines

Students will have full access to filmmaking and production guidelines created by professional filmmakers detailing all of the different elements, techniques, tips, tricks and methods that go into creating a professional documentary film. These documents are available to all students to download, free of charge, in the Our Rock Project library.