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Our Rock Project Library

  • Wombats

    Eli and Walter

    What are Wombats, and how can they be protected?

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  • The truth behind today's advertisements and social media

    Shifra and Ruby

    Dr. Brendan Rich gives insight into advertisements...

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  • Cyber Bullying and its Effect on Teens

    Elias and Ethan

    Social media is a large portion of modern everyday...

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  • Vaccines- are they worth the risk?

    Priya and Caitlin

    The film explores the history, creation, and usage...

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  • Self Esteem and its effect on students

    Aidan and Maddie

    How does low self esteem affect the grades, social...

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  • How are zoonotic diseases impacted by the environment?

    Fran and Chloe

    Diseases transmitted by animals can be affected by...

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  • Life on Mars?


    What are the possibilities of life on Mars, or oth...

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  • Music's effects on teenagers

    Nathalie and Aryana

    Al Bumanis is interviewed as part of an investigat...

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  • The effects of cyber bullying

    Cameron and Alli

    This film takes a look at how social media affects...

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  • School lunches, healthy or unhealthy?

    Sabrina and Mikey

    This film takes a look at how Montgomery County Pu...

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  • The Effects of Self Image in Teen Girls

    Maria and Alysse

    This film explores how self-image and self-esteem ...

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  • How families can stay healthy

    Adrianna and Cecelia

    This film explores how families can prevent obesit...

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  • Siege Warefare

    Annie and Josie

    Justin Hudson gives insight into a variety of Medi...

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  • Body image and the Media

    Maya and Maddy

    With the help of Psychologist Mandy Mader, this fi...

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  • The effects of social media on kids and teenagers

    Hailey and Caitlyn

    Dr. Veronica Raggi discusses the pressures young p...

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