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Our Rock Project Library

  • Poverty: Downfall of a People

    group 8

    Our documentary explores poverty in Washington D.C...

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  • More than just Stings

    group 12

    Our documentary explores the causes of bee harm. ...

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  • The All Too Common Addiction

    group 3

    We explore and explain the effects of addiction to...

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  • Water- The Blood of Life

    group 5

    Our documentary explores water wastage and polluti...

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  • Invasive Plants

    Group 5

    Our documentary explores invasive plants around Sl...

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  • LGBTQ+Rights and Social Media

    group 9

    Our documentary explores LGBTQ+ Rights and how soc...

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  • Coral Reef & Beach Conservation

    Group 1

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  • Processed Foods

    Group 2

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  • Teen Depression

    Jacinda and Ella

    In our documentary we discuss the causes, symptoms...

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  • The effect of cyberbullying


    Cyberbullying is a huge problem in the world, with...

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  • Ebola and other infectious diseases

    Veerapetch and Charles

    Ebola is one of the most dangerous diseases in Afr...

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  • Depression and Anxiety: causes, symptoms, and recovery

    Frances and Shevani

    Depression and anxiety are impending problems in t...

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  • 3D printed prosthetics

    Jack and Dylan

    This film investigates how 3D printing can be a pl...

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  • Child abuse and its effects

    Kimberly and Julia

    This film explores the ramifications of child abus...

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  • Children't television, its effects on kids and more

    Abigail and Elizabeth

    Television is a part of everyday children’s lives....

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